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First LIFE REWAT International Workshop

“Digital water and nature based solutions: innovative tools for sustainable water management”, on sept. 10th in Pisa (Italy).

The workshop has been co-organised within the context of the European Innovation Partnerships on Water (EIP WATER; www.eip-water.eu). Action Groups “Managed Aquifer Recharge Strategies and Actions” and the ICT4WATER cluster initiative (www.ict4water.eu).

The event started with presentations providing an overview on the concepts of nature-based solutions for water, their use and diffusion at global scale for different purposes and the views of relevant keynote speakers on how nature-based solutions for water may help to decrease water-related natural hazards in terms of increasing resilience to drought, floods, ameliorating water quality, and adapting to climate change.

Elena López Gunn was attending the Workshop presenting the Nature based solutions to decrease water related natural hazards and the Nature Insurance value with NAIAD project. NAIAD project aims to operationalise “Natural Assurance Schemes”, defined as a range of schemes to internalise the insurance value of river systems.

At the same time, she has participated in the 1st LIFE REWAT Summer School. A field trip to the innovative pilot sites (Managed Aquifer Recharge scheme, river restoration works, and the high efficiency irrigation scheme) in Italy.

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